If you want to download SplitTrain, please visit https://tomdotio.itch.io/splittrain


To start the editor, click any level in the main menu while holding the left shift key.

A minimum viable level requires:

  • At least two track events
  • At least one scenery object

The first event must be placed at a negative distance and have a maximum speed above 0, otherwise the level will instantly complete.

After editing just press Save or change the file name and press Save to save as a new level.

Note: The Points and Text field is currently not used.


1.0 beta:

  • Added in-game level editor and level browser
  • Added a welcome message and some web links
  • Added a game icon and a config screen image
  • Added new scenery objects
  • Added more information about points and multipliers
  • Improved existing track events and scenery objects
  • Changed custom level format to more readable json
  • Removed the limit of 100 track events and 100 scenery objects
  • Removed the necessity of having a track event after the final station
  • Did a lot of code refactoring and code cleanup 🙂

1.01 beta:

  • Added driving profiler

1.02 beta:

  • Added train breaking sound
  • Added electric train engine sound
  • Improved train engine sound

1.03 beta:

  • Changed graphic asset pack
  • Added TextMesh Pro

1.04 beta:

  • Added catenary option
  • Added diesel engine particle effect
  • Added road crossing lights and sound
  • Added obstacle physics
  • Improved camera fov